What could be more enjoyable for the CHR staff, to have all the necessary equipment for the kitchen, the bar, or the restaurant room? Choose from a catalog of preparation, cooking or serving utensils.

Ustensiles de cuisine et de bar pour les établissements CHR

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This patented blade block system allows you to replace the orginal or keep in stock for the continued use of your 943B tomato cutter. No adjustment necessary.

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This non-skid Fiberglass Serving Tray is perfect for intense use, to carry wear or dishes easily. It is very sturdy, with reinforced and unbreakable sides. Not to be used in a dishwasher.

Ref. 000329
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With its 18cm blade toothed and bevelled two sides, this knife will cut out wonderfully your vegetables and salad. Its ergonomic handle with the molding of fingerprints, will ensure its very good grip. With its nylon body, this knife will allow you to cut into your sensitive dishes. You can suspend it with its perforated end and you can not lose it in the kitchen with its green color thought to locate it.

Ref. 002062
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This stainless steel holder with four openings is ideal to group and maintain your 355ml or 473ml squeezes in a 1/6 gastronorm food pan. This support is delivered alone, without GN food pan.

Ref. 002190
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This dispenser for cling film (30 to 45m long) is perfect to wrap food quickly, thanks to its Zip blade. It has inside handles to facilitate handling, and can be put on the counter, or mounted on the wall.

Ref. 002399
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