For the bar or the kitchen, here you will find most of the small electrical equipment to prepare good cocktails, mix your preparations, weigh your food, warm your dishes, sterilize your knives ... We let you discover for yourself these equipments that will delight you by their high quality and utility.


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Designed for catering professionals, bars and hotels, this juicer has been built to last and is equipped with an asynchronous motor, robust and quiet.Comes with 3 warheads, you can adapt them according to the fruits to press: grapefruit, orange, lemon.Simply cut the citrus fruit in half and arrange each half one by one on the warhead while holding the citrus fruit with your hand.With a rotational speed of 1500 rpm (30 liters / hour), the extraction of the juice is maximum and it is facilitated by the inclination of the juicer. The height under its beak is 12,5cm.

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This bain-marie will allow you to maintain different products at perfect temperature such as bacon, scrambled eggs, mushrooms, onions ... and even sauces. GN 1/1 size you have the choice to place a GN 1/1 food pan or 2 GN 1/2 food pans or 3 GN 1/3 food pans.

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This repair kit will allow you to replace critical parts as they become obsolete. This kit includes the blade set, the clamping ring and the seal. To exchange immediately or to foresee a possible obsolescence, this kit will allow to ensure the continuous preparation of your smoothies with the blender HBB908.

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