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This patented blade block system allows you to replace the orginal or keep in stock for the continued use of your 943B tomato cutter. No adjustment necessary.

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With its 18cm blade toothed and bevelled two sides, this knife will cut out wonderfully your vegetables and salad. Its ergonomic handle with the molding of fingerprints, will ensure its very good grip. With its nylon body, this knife will allow you to cut into your sensitive dishes. You can suspend it with its perforated end and you can not lose it in the kitchen with its green color thought to locate it.

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Mainly use to slice onions, this can also be used to slice fruits and vegetables (6.4mm slice).

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This Dicer can cut fruits and vegetables in pieces of 6.4mm (1/4 €™) in just one push. Cutting is quick and precise with the monoblock blades, without damaging the food.

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The SteamGlove insulation of this pair of gloves offers great protection against a wide variety of chemicals, hot water and other liquids. Size 50cm, they will allow you to keep your hands and arms safe when using.

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Grande bassine en inox à fond plat - Diamètre 36cm

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Ideal for the application of your HACCP plan with its distinctive colors, this non-slip cutting board will also allow you a stable cut.Its patented hook ensures transport and storage under optimal hygienic conditions.Also find the similar model in red.

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This red non-slip cutting board, also available in green color, is ideal for implementing your HACCP plan.Color distinctive, it will allow you to apply a color code by type of cut (meat, fish, vegetables ...)Its patented food safety hook allows transport and storage under optimal sanitary conditions.Also, the integrated anti-slip corners ensure the stability of the board during cutting.Its durable copolymer construction ensures a durable product.

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This NSF certified stainless steel knife rack with 8 knives capacity will allow you to store your professional knives while respecting your HACCP approach in restaurant.The rack is fully closed to ensure the cleanliness of your knives without tarnishing  them but also the safety of your brigade.For added convenience, you can hang it on the wall with its wall mount.The thermoplastic insert  and the stainless steel case are both compatible for cleaning in the dishwasher.This case guarantees long durability and high quality.

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This thermoplastic insert with 8 knives capacity is suitable for the  Edlund KR-50 knife rack. Compatible for cleaning in the dishwasher.

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