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This filing cabinet can support a maximal charge of 80kg for each shelf. It comes with 4 shelves adjustable in height, and is closed with a 2 point-lock handle. It has a very strong stand, treated against corrosion.

Ref. 001193
Price €373.49
Being Restock
<p>This 2-column, 5-unit locker is perfect and secure place to store personal effects. A hasp with padlock allows to lock the locker. It has a depth of 7/10, is made of metal which makes is very sturdy. With exclusive and patented system of unlift-off, and a door to open up to 180°</p>

Price €384.34
Being Restock
<p>This sturdy metal cabinet is made of premium quality laminated steel, and painted with an Epoxy paint, 80 microns thick.Designed to store all products and cleaning material, even the most cumbersome, this cabinet is very functional: 4 shelves (with a maximum charge of 40kg for each of them) to store all kind of bottles and vials; a space large enough to store a vacuum cleaner, brushes, and hang clothes. It is closed with a 2 point-lock handle.An omega to reinforce door gives great strength to the cabinet. It has a very strong stand, treated against corrosion.</p>

Ref. 001192
Price €417.48
Being Restock
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